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Keister Hydraulics and King Newton Industries form a joint venture

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The cooperation between Keister Hydraulics and King Newton Industries has been upgraded to the establishment of the Joint Venture( JV), of which the contract was signed on July27, 2023 in Xian Ju city of Zhejiang Province.  


Based in Taiwan, King Newton is one of the leading manufacturers of servo motors and servo solutions in the world. The Joint Venture is dedicated to the research and development and production of the vane pumps and gear pumps integrated with innovative servo controls, which could make running of the pumps more efficient, more reliable, more energy saving and smarter.  


It’s for sure that the establishment of JV will inject advanced manufacturing and quality control processes and innovative management solutions into the operation of Keister, leading to the substantial improvement of quality and cost savings.

As always, growing of Keister Hydraulics is driven by innovation of the state-of-the-arts hydraulic technologies and solutions.





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