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Keister's hydraulic products are widely used in the industries including marines, machines, construction equipments, agricultures, minings, ship yards, etc.

Pump Solutions to Marine And Shipyard Equipments

Keister’s motor-integrated pumps deliver the strong fluid power that sounds quietly to meet the needs of low-noise and low energy consumption for many of these.

Pump Solutions to Agriculture Machines

Keister’s pumps are widely used in the agriculture machines such as Combines, Seeders, Balers, Mowers, Cutters and many.

Pump Solutions To Special Trucks

Keister offers the pump solutions, which are used in many different special-purpose trucks, such as concret mixers and road paving machines etc.

Pump Solutions To Mining Equipments

Our pump solutions deliver more powers to keep the mining machines running smoothly and strongly.

Pump Solutions To Machines

Keister supplies the pumps, which produce the fluid power to move the machines such as die casting machines and injection molding machines, etc.

Pump Solutions To Construciotn Equipments

Keister provides the pump solution to to meet the needs of heavy duty performance of the construction tractors and excavators, etc.




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