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Keister Corp’s Culture

As always Keister Hydraulics has been taking “Quality, Innovation and Integrity” as its commitment to the research, development and production. 


With its excellence in the hydraulic pump technologies and solution, Keister Hydraulics has grown to be the leader in China’s hydraulic industry, known as the first-class supplier of hydraulic products and technologies.

To our Customers: 

Everything we do in Keister is focused on meeting the demanding needs of our customers around the world to “be competitive and profitable“. 


Keister Hydraulics has been honoring its commitment to excelling in pump design, engineering and manufacture and supplying pump products of premium quality and excellent performance. We share with our customers the value of “win-win” concept.

To the Employees at Keister:

The employees at Keister could work together on these three platforms diligently with mutual respect and realize their values.

There are three platforms that Keister set up to the benefits of our employees:

  • Career Growth

    Keister offers the platform of professional and career growth by establishing the supportive work environments, in which the employees can develop their innovative ideas and solutions.

  • Continued Education

    Keister offers the platform of the continued education and skill development to our employees and teams to improve their skills and professionalism

  • Life Security

    Keister offers the platform of the healthy programs, ensuring the saft and health of every employee at Keister.




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