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Keister's KP external gear pumps can deliver high pressure durability and high volumetric efficiency due to its dual side-plate and its cast iron body design, smartly integrated with control valve and check valves,making it idea for the solution to high demanding pressure and long service performing life. It's widely used in the hydraulic systems mounted in  dumping trucks.

Keister's SPG1 and SPG2 external gear pumps  utilize a number of advance design features, including advanced pressure balanceed  plates, three-ports design, DU bearings and bi-metal side plates, which are specially designed for high performance and long durability.   The body construction features that both of the front and rear covers are of aluminum material and inlet body is of the cast iron coated with ceremics, ensuring the compact size, low noise, long service life and easy installation .It's widely used in the machines such as lifting, road construction and dumping and sweeping machines                                                                                                                    




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