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Kester's V series Vane Pumps has been reinnovated with compact intra-vane cartridge kit design. The pumps incorporates a 12-vane design, which makes pump to run more quietly. That's why it's so popular for our customers around the world to choose our V-series vane pumps of medium pressure for their indoor industrial applications such as presses, material handling machines and plastic injection molding machines.
With its effort of years, Keister has been working hard on upgrading its VQ series Vane Pumps to meet the demanding requirement of different kinds of mobile applicatoin. Our vane pumps are of compact 10-intra-vane cartridge kit design, which are designed to deliver higher pressures up to 230 bar. Due to the optimal design in its vanes and rotors as well as cam rings, Keister VQ series Vane Pumps can work with high efficiency, long durability and good serviceability. Our VQ series Vane pumps are widely used for the mobile applications such as lift trucks, excavators, wheel loaders etc.

Due to its special design on the tip of the vanes, Keister's T6 & T7 series vane pumps can offer the exceptional low noise level and high volumetric level. With its wide range of the operating speeds and different sizes of the cartridge kits, our pumps can work very quietly and efficiently, especially when they run at speeds up to 3000 rpm. This special design also can increase the service life of the pumps. In addition, structually our vane pumps are of simple cartridge-kit design, which is very easy for installation and repairing. All these features of our pumps can help to save a lot of costs for our customers.Therefor these pumps are very preferred by the OEM customers' useage in the machines, such as presses, injection machines and CNC machines, etc. 




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