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Performance and application of HYDRAULIC VANE PUMP

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A HYDRAULIC VANE PUMP is the heart of a hydraulic system that converts mechanical power into fluid power driven by a motor.

Here is the content list:

  • The Principle of Operation of HYDRAULIC VANE PUMP

  • The main points of using a HYDRAULIC VANE PUMP.

Principles of operation

In intra-vane pumps, a slotted rotor is splined to the drive shaft and turns inside a cam ring. Vanes are fitted to the rotor slots and follow the inner surface of the cam ring as the rotor turns. Centrifugal force and pressure under the vanes hold them out against the cam ring. Pumping chambers are formed between the vanes and the cam ring and are enclosed
by the two end plates.

Outlet pressure is constantly applied to the small intra- vane area of the vane. As the pump vane rotates through the high and low quadrants, outlet pressure is alternately applied to the rest of the under vane area. This varying pressure under the vane reduces wear and increases pump efficiency.

Critical parts

Certain parts are critical to the proper operation of a vane pump.The contact between the ring surface and vane tips means that both are subject to wear. To maintain a constant degree of contact, the vanes come farther out of their slots as they wear down.

If the remanufacturing process does not provide the same tolerances, materials and surface treatments as new, you may experience any one or many of the following:

• Reduced pump output

• Higher power requirements

• Loss of parts durability

• Increased noise

• Excessive heat generation

• Generation of contaminants

• Shortened life
• Catastrophic failure

The adverse effects of these problems are compounded when they also affect
the integrity of other components as well as system performance. The bottom line becomes substandard performance and less uptime.





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