Specific methods to maintain PV2R vane pumps

Specific methods to maintain PV2R vane pumps:

1. After the user purchases the oil pump, if it is not used in time, the user should inject the anti-rust oil into the interior, apply the anti-rust oil on the exposed surface, and then cover the oil port. Dust cover and keep it properly.

2. During the pipeline installation process, the iron filings and residues left in the fuel tank and pipeline, especially the cloth strips, will often cause the oil pump to malfunction and must be removed carefully.

3. The regulating pressure of the safety valve should not be too high, generally 1.25 times the rated pressure of the pump.

4. Keep the oil temperature in the range of 10~60, the best range is 35-50, especially to avoid high temperature continuous operation, otherwise the pump will shorten the service life, and it is necessary to set the heater and cooling equipment.

5. Maintain the normal oil level, and set an oil level gauge in the oil tank for frequent observation and oil replenishment.

6. The oil performance should be checked regularly. If it does not meet the requirements, the oil tank should be replaced and cleaned in time.

7. The filter should be cleaned frequently to ensure smooth oil intake.

8. The mounting screws or inlet and outlet flange screws may become loose after the oil pump has been working for a period of time (due to vibration).

Post time: Nov-10-2020